Today, I thought I’d talk to you guys about how God provides those who ask; in the verse Matthew 7:7, it says “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” I fully believe and hold to my heart this verse; I’ve experienced it in my life many times.


First and most importantly, when I asked the Lord for a significant other in my life to be my partner in all my adventures! He didn’t just give me the life partner I was longing for, but He also gave me my best friend; all wrapped up into one person!


Secondly, when I asked Him for help getting a legit, full-time job! About a couple months ago I was let go at my previous job, because I had to take a leave in order to tend to my wisdom teeth and I wasn’t eligible to take the necessary time off to take them out and recover before coming back to work; about a week later, I had been praying and just talking with the Lord about needing a job so I wouldn’t get into deep financial trouble, and friday that week my dad called me to let me know that they were hiring for technical support in Las Cruces at the Wells Fargo Tower. I immediately put in my application online and got hired the very same day!

Author: Spicy McRooster

I am currently a graphic design student at Western New Mexico University. My blog is to share my thoughts on videogames and news on trending topics, and to share my graphic design work.

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