Rhett and Link, and “Causal Graphic Designer” Melody


Hi guys, so today I thought we’d go ahead and talk about probably my two most favorite youtubers in the world and this cool song I found on the internet. So the guys up in that awesome video are Rhett and Link; these guys are creative in just about every which way you can think about, anything you’ve thought about that can be tested, proved, or disproved, they will put up on a video and make it interesting and fun to watch! Some examples of what they might post to youtube are videos of juice tasting, different kinds of games [i.e. color blasting game], and count downs of many different subjects; what I like the most about these guys is that they aren’t afraid to be themselves at all, they just want to have fun. Rhett and Link not only will put information and organize games and events together for their videos but they will put thought into the way they present the information to their viewers and involve them in these ventures they have; they also have a unique introduction to the daily video and an amazing beginning to their show with a fire-breathing chicken flying over the grand canyon. As far as the song goes I was actually working on a project of my own and found this cool clip of music called “Casual Graphic Designer” and it just really called my attention, it actually ended up being a pretty tasteful piano melody and it was just really soothing and calming to listen to it. I would totally recommend that you guys check it out; the link is up above and let me know what you think.

Author: Spicy McRooster

I am currently a graphic design student at Western New Mexico University. My blog is to share my thoughts on videogames and news on trending topics, and to share my graphic design work.

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