How to be an excellent Security Guard


Hi guys, today I thought I’d give you guys a few quick tips on how to be an excellent security guard; mind you, I’ve only been one for just about a month. I have a lot of pride in my job and I enjoy it to the max! So let’s dive right into it; the following are golden tips for working in a security department:

  1. Always be aware of your surroundings. This implies that when assigned to a new post/station, you must first learn where all entrances, exits, pass ways are; not just to the building but to the entire premises in general. It also implicates that when on duty you must find places to stand post where there is high visibility of all these places in order to maintain the utmost proficiency while on the job.
  2. Always keep your doors locked. This goes for cars, building doors, security dept. doors, etc. all except for, of course, the main entrance and exit to the building; that one you keep guard on. The reason for this would be for your own safety and the safety of the employees/clients. For example, when your in a car patrolling or in an office, you keep the doors locked so that you know beyond the shout of a doubt that no one will enter your space unnoticed and without previous clearance to do so. Now, as for the building, well, that has more to do with the safety of the employees/clients; with all doors except the main ones locked, you know that any person meaning harm will have absolutely no choice but to go through the front of the building where you will be patiently waiting for them or he/she will be forced to hide (in which case you call the local PD and they take care of business).
  3. Always keep yourself updated in regards to company policies and its undergoing changes (this includes the company you work for and that which is your client). Maintaining yourself up to date may save you a lot of stress in several different moments; allow me to explain, company policies are always subject to change, especially if there is change in staff; and so some things that may not have been allowed before, suddenly are allowed.. if you keep updated you will be aware of these changes and therefore not stressed out about so many people breaking the rules.. it’ll just make your job a whole lot easier.
  4. Try not to argue. This too, will make your job a whole lot easier; arguing will only cause what it’s meant to cause: CHAOS; this in the form of complaints against you, which in turn will cause problems between you and your commanding officer. If you choose not to argue, and instead choose to be a source of direction to those who are in need of it, you’ll find that both you and the clients will be happier and get along just fine.

I hope that you guys find these tips to be useful and informative; if you ever need any advice, let me know; you know where to find me. Officer, OUT!

Author: Spicy McRooster

I am currently a graphic design student at Western New Mexico University. My blog is to share my thoughts on videogames and news on trending topics, and to share my graphic design work.

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