Thanksgiving Day!


Hi guys, today we’ll be talking about the upcoming holiday.. THANKSGIVING! Everyone in the world celebrates Thanksgiving Day, but not everyone know how this holiday came to be; I have made it the sole purpose of today’s post to share this story with you today. The holiday can be commonly traced to a 1621 at a Plymouth plantation, where settlers had a harvest feast in celebration for a good growing season; this feasts continued for years during the autumn and winter seasons as a religious observance and then as a civil tradition. Squanto Patuxet a Native-American, member of the Wampanoag Tribe, taught the pilgrims how to catch eel and grow corn while also serving as their interpreter. Soon after their successful harvest, the pilgrims held this amazing feast (three days to be exact); it consisted of 90 Native-Americans and 50 pilgrims. Cooking this feasts were 4 adult pilgrim women along with young daughters, male and female servants. The Pilgrims held a true thanksgiving celebration in 1623, following a fast, and a refreshing 14-day rain which resulted in a larger harvest. William DeLoss Love calculates that this thanksgiving was made on Wednesday, July 30, 1623, a day before the arrival of a supply ship with more colonists, but before the fall harvest. In Love’s opinion this 1623 thanksgiving was significant because the order to recognize the event was from civil authority (Governor Bradford), and not from the church, making it likely the first civil recognition of Thanksgiving in New England. This is the legitimate story of Thanksgiving Day; I hope all of you enjoyed this post as much as I did and that you learned as much as I or more. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, FELLAS!

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