My Lovely Trio of Chihuahuas


Hi guys, today I wanted to talk about my babies; I have 3 of them: Mamma (Left), Cowboy (Center), Schnitzel (Right). The three of them have very authentic personalities and that’s what today’s post is about; it’s about having you, my viewers, get to know my family.. these three wonderful dogs.

Mamma: She’s 9 yrs. old and I’ve had her for about a month; She loves to lay down, get belly-scratches, and eat a lot. She doesn’t really do the whole exercise deal, but she does like to walk a lot during the day and at her own beckon call, never that of anyone else.. not even me. She likes wet doggy food, hard doggy food, human food, and she’d probably eat alien food if it existed. She doesn’t like sleeping in kennels, or in confined places; she gets all claustrophobic. Also, she thinks she’s more than responsible enough to be left with unrestricted access to the room. She doesn’t run, although on a good day she might trot.

Cowboy: He’s a little precarious; He is legitimately like a real cowboy. He loves to guard the house and will go against the odds, every time; and I suppose that pinpoints his next attribute, he’s extremely brave. He’ll never back down from a fight/challenge. This however, does not mean that he will not take the necessary precautions; he will study his enemy and learn how to defend his territory and himself. He is also the most calm of the bunch; he will sit in complete peace as the other two are in constant motion for God knows what reason. You don’t even now how long it seriously took me to have them sit that still for just a few seconds so I could take a picture of them. Cowboy is also the Alpha male; he leads the group and maintains peace¬†within their group, much like a sheriff does in those old western movies. He also is sometimes very shy and finds it hard to ask for attention/love and care.

Schnitzel: He is slightly paranoid and I believe he suffers from PTSD; regardless, he is a beautiful, well-behaved, loyal, faithful, joyful dog. He likes to enjoy the sun, play with his buddies, lay down, eat, walk, run, jump, etc. He is probably the most energetic of the bunch and he too, keeps guard of the house and enjoys a good belly-scratch, as well as a healthy dose of doggy treats. He is also the most obedient as he aims to please and he hates arguing and fighting; he’s a peacekeeper. He is like an older brother to Cowboy; the grew up together and the two will never separate. Schnitzel, tries to look out for Cowboy, and like an older brother.. he just wants what’s best for him.. ergo, Schnitzel has never challenged Cowboy as the ALPHA MALE. He just likes to know that his family is okay and takes life a day at a time.

I hope this post is as enjoyable to you as it was for me! I thought this would be a good way for you to know me and my fantastic buddies; I encourage you to introduce yourselves and your buddies, as I and mine are anxious to meet you.

Author: Spicy McRooster

I am currently a graphic design student at Western New Mexico University. My blog is to share my thoughts on videogames and news on trending topics, and to share my graphic design work.

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