Hey guys, today we’re going to talk about driving as a job, as a hobby/sport, as a method of relaxation; we will review the pros and cons of driving as well. I personally believe that driving is the best method of transportation and relaxation; and I enjoy the thought of it as a sport and a hobby. I feel that when I drive I can ease my mind and clear it of all and any thoughts lingering around in my head; and if I can get paid while I’m at it, then why not?


So let’s talk about driving as a job: As a job, driving is responsible for a major portion of employment in our country; truck drivers, limo drivers, bus drivers, so on and so forth. It also happens to be a job that is paid for very well; truck drivers can make anywhere between $5,000 or even $6,000 per month of work. It provides people who prefer a stress-free work environment a chance to make a good living doing something honorable. I think it’s truly a win-win situation; think about it, goods are delivered to their destination, the driver enjoys being his own boss (for the most part) and traveling across the country, and both civilians and the companies woking together are happy.


Now let us talk about driving as a hobby/sport: As a hobby/sport, driving has been around the longest and still remains within the top ten most thrilling sports/hobbies out there! America loves driving; the fast cars, the adrenaline of being behind the wheel, the knowledge required to get to know your vehicle top to bottom and side to side, the connection you feel between you and the road. There’s just nothing else like it in the world!


Finally, let’s talk about it as a method of relaxation: As a method of relaxation, driving is in my personal opinion, the best therapeutical activity there is. When employed as therapy, driving allows you to lose yourself in the moment; allowing you to disregard the rest of the world for whatever amount of time you desire. It provides you with a sense of timeless escape and safety; or as I would put it, it becomes your cloak of invisibility. You might also find comfort in the purely mechanical motions of driving as it keeps you busy and therefore clears the smoke that is fogging up your mind. Any which way you look at it, driving will provide you the necessary relief of daily stress.


Alas, we are at the end of today’s session my friends; I hope that you read this post and feel it as educational and entertaining and fun as I did. If you have anything you want to discuss, ask, or comment.. you know what to do, just click on the contact page and write to me! I will end this session, with a quote from an awesome movie and by far my favorite quote to the day!

“America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed.”

Will Ferrell

Author: Spicy McRooster

I am currently a graphic design student at Western New Mexico University. My blog is to share my thoughts on videogames and news on trending topics, and to share my graphic design work.

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